Children need dental care often, but it takes a specialist to be able to meet their needs. Specialized pediatric dentistryinvolves four years of training as a dentist and then another two years in training to learn of the needs and how to provide care for children of all ages.

Special Needs

Children ages 0 through 17 have a variety of dental needs as they first gain their primary teeth, and then lose them to let the permanent teeth come in. Children are often naturally fearful of the dentist and of the tools they use. A dentist that works with children is trained to know how to help them relax, get treatment, and hopefully still have a fun time.

Oral Hygiene

Children’s dentists also work with parents to be able to help their children develop good habits of oral hygiene. They teach children how to use a toothbrush properly. Many children will develop cavities between the ages of 6 and 14 because they like sweets so much (as well as most adults) but have not yet developed good habits of oral hygiene. Learning how to take care of their teeth while young will help them keep their permanent ones later on.

Many children now have cavities by the time they are five years old. This does not have to be because with the right dental care cavities are often preventable.


As the children’s dentist interacts with the child, certain areas of dental care will be identified. The dentist can help the child by making recommendations to the parents based on such areas as his or her health history, special needs that may be noticed or informed of, and special treatments. The dentist can also inform the parents of what to expect if no treatment is given, or if advice is not followed.

The Prevention Program

Pediatric dentistryalso helps to prevent dental problems as much as possible. This is done through The Preventive Program. Regular dental appointments are needed to be able to keep an eye on problems as they start, which will help to keep the dental bills down. Children can also receive fluoride treatments and dental sealants to help protect their teeth.

Healthy Eating

Children also need to know why it is important to eat healthy foods. The nutrients will strengthen the teeth and help to keep them strong. The bacterium that causes cavities feeds on sugar, and when they do, acid is produced. It is the acid that causes cavities and gum disease. Certain foods, such as sodas and juices, are also acidic. They also have a lot of sugar in them. This increases the amount of acid in the mouth. Rinsing the mouth out with water afterward will help remove the acid and bacteria.

Protective Gear

If your child is going to be involved in sports, the dentist can help provide a special mouth guard to protect the teeth. This can help prevent trauma to the mouth and teeth – and save their smile.

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