Among the many ways to get replacement teeth, removable bridges may be an option you should consider. They are widely used when there are still some good teeth left. Besides being able to restore your smile, they can also easily be removed for cleaning.

Replace Multiple Teeth

This type of bridge, also called a partial denture, is used to replace one or more teeth on the same arch. It is not necessary that they be side by side. The false teeth are attached to a wireframe.

When you have missing teeth, there is a tendency that it will affect how well you can chew your food and it may also affect your speech. This depends on which teeth are lost.

Removable bridgeswill replace the teeth that are missing. Once they are in place and you get used to them, it will let you enjoy eating again and speaking with less of a problem.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

A bridge of this type can be used to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. When missing teeth are not replaced by one device or another, your teeth next to the empty space can drift and cause misalignment. The bridge will prevent that from happening.

Making the Bridge

When you decide that you want a partial denture, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth and gums first. It will be sent to a lab for construction, which will likely mean a wait of between four to six weeks. When you return to the dentist, it will be fitted and the dentist will make some adjustments to ensure a good fit and comfort.

A partial denture can be made with different types of materials. Some of them have a metal base and the acrylic teeth are attached to it. Another type is all-acrylic, sometimes referred to as a “flipper.” Another type is made from Valplast, which is a plastic material. No metal is used in this type and it is very lightweight and it will not easily break.

Care of the Bridge

At first, the dentist will want you to wear the bridge constantly. This will reveal where it needs adjusting to make it more comfortable. After that, the partial should be removed nightly for cleaning. You should not let it sit in water overnight, because the metal clasps may rust.


A partial denture can be expected to last between five to eight years or longer. Care needs to be taken to ensure that it is not dropped or too much pressure is exerted on it when biting because it may damage or break it.

Best Candidates

This type of bridge should be carefully decided on after other types are considered. If willing to undergo surgery, a bridge that is supported by dental implants is the best option because it will have stronger dentures and not slip. Other options include a fixed bridge. The gums will also need to be free of gum disease.

The dentists at Bright White Dental can provide you with many types of teeth replacement options, including removable bridges. Contact us to get a consultation and let us show you how we can help restore your smile.