Over time, teeth have a tendency to become yellowed or stained. Some may even become discolored. You can brighten your smile and get whiter teeth with teeth whiteningfrom a dentist. Going this route is sure to give you much better results than a store-bought kit.

Why a Dentist Is Better

The whitening kits you buy from the store or online have chemicals in them that are relatively safe for anyone. This is because product manufacturers cannot supervise the product and the process. This means it contains a weaker solution. At best, it will only whiten your teeth one or two shades and you may need to wait a month for that to happen.

The dentist can use much stronger chemicals because the whitening process is going to be supervised. Steps are taken to protect your gums and mouth tissue while the chemicals are applied.

Because of the much stronger chemicals, this process will get your teeth much whiter than other choices. In fact, it can often give you teeth that are up to six shades whiter – and it will often do it in just one appointment. In some cases, more than one appointment will be necessary.

An Alternative

Instead of sitting in a dentist’s office for the treatment, there is a way that you can get white teeth at home. It is less expensive than having the dentist provide treatment in the office. After letting the dentist know of your preference, the dentist can provide you with customized trays (like mouth guards) to hold the chemicals. The dentist will give you the stronger chemicals you need and will explain how to use them.

The Evaluation

Before doing any teeth whitening, the dentist will need to conduct an evaluation of your teeth. This is because some shades of color, particularly browns and blues, are not whitened as easily. In fact, the process may have little effect on some colors. After the evaluation, the dentist will inform you of what kind of results to expect. With teeth that are discolored, other methods of getting really white teeth may be needed, which could include dental veneers or crowns.

Dental Work

If you have already had some dental work, getting white teeth may have a limited effect. If you have, for instance, dental veneers, porcelain crowns, composite veneers or fillings, they cannot be made whiter if they become stained. Materials made of composite material will need to be replaced if you want them whitened.

Products That Stain

Several things can stain your teeth. Cigarette smoking is one of the worst along with other tobacco products. Dark liquids, such as sodas, juices, coffee, and red wine, will also stain real and artificial teeth. You can help avoid this by rinsing your mouth out with water after consuming them.

Getting really white teeth from a dentist will give you a great smile. It will also give you increased self-confidence and you will be glad to smile widely.

When you want professional teeth whitening, Bright White Dental can help you. Our friendly dentists can help you get whiter teeth, and they also provide other cosmetic dentistry services when needed. Set up an appointment now for a consultation for great looking teeth.